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Hello creative people of the world! Take your chance to get deep into photography. Study in small classes and benefit from experienced lecturers and internationally renowned photographers.

2-Year Studies or 3-Month Course?

3-Month Course

If you are interested in a 3-Month Course, you can check out what’s on offer here. All basic courses are suitable for beginners and require no previous photographic knowledge.

The advanced courses are aimed at photographers with some experience and previous knowledge.

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Full Study Program

We offer a Full Study Program in which you will learn all the important photographic basics within 2 years and acquire the skills for a professional approach to photography through assignments across the many uses of photography. Afterwards, you can deepen your photographic knowledge in the Masterclass with a project of your choice. 

Applications for the Full Study Program can be submitted at any time. Courses start in August, December and April.

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Interview with Peter Bialobrzeski

How do you see the future of photography?


Corona / Covid 19

Please note: We closely monitor the spread of the coronavirus/covid19 and adjust our course program if necessary. Check our website for the latest information or subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates.

Upcoming Courses


10 August 2020

Photo: Melina Papageorgiou
Photo: Melina Papageorgiou

Digital Imaging and Narrative Photography

9 November 2020

Photo: Marc Volk
Photo: Marc Volk

Online Basic Course

9 November 2020

Photo: Rodrigo Alcocer de Garay
Photo: Rodrigo Alcocer de Garay

Analogue Basics and Street Photography

22 March 2021

Photo: Marc Volk
Photo: Marc Volk

Individual Lesson