Improve Your Photography

Online Course

Would you like to study from the comfort of your own home and determine your own study times?
Then this online course is just right for you. Every third day for one month you will receive a new lesson on the most important applications of photography. Each lesson includes many interesting facts, explanations of contexts and image examples. You will receive challenging tasks that will help you to improve your photographic skills in a fun way.

This course also includes an individual feedback, in which at the end of the course you will receive a video call with a personal review of all the tasks you have completed.

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Both the FREE TOUR and the online course IMPROVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY are available in English and German.

About this Online Course

The course fee for the entire online course IMPROVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHY including individual feedback is only EUR 199.00.

You may select your preferred language (English or German) when booking the course.

In this video (5 min), I will introduce you to the online course in more detail:

Table of contents
Day 1
Day 2
How Does Photography Work?
Day 3
It Hurts
Day 4
Long Exposure
Day 5
Self Portrait
Day 6
Open Aperture
Day 7
Dynamic vs. Stable
Day 8
Too Bright - Too Dark
Day 9
Day 10
Wide Angle
Individual Feedback
30-minute session on Zoom